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You Don’t Get Me High Anymore, Phantogram

Skift: The Engineer Who Created Boeing’s 747 Is Dead at 95

If it's not Boeing, I'm not going.
Žiga Sancin


The Independent: A new ranking of the world’s most powerful passports shows who gets through airports easily and who doesn’t

According to Henley & Partners' Visa Restrictions Index, released Wednesday, Germans hold the strongest passports, giving them visa-free access to 177 countries. Sweden came in second place, with visa-free access to 176 countries. The United Kingdom, which held the top spot in the ranking from 2013 to 2015 (including twice tying Germany), came in third place along with Finland, France, Italy, and Spain, with 175 countries at passport holders' fingertips. [...] As for nations with the most limited travel, Afghanistan is ranked the worst in 104th place, with access to just 25 countries. Pakistan is second-worst, with travel permitted to 29 countries, and Iraq is third from the bottom, restricted to 30 other countries.
Chloe Pantazi (Business Insider)

The Independent

Gemini Feed, Banks

RTV Slovenija: Vipavska skozi oči tujih turistov – skriti biser tudi po odkritju ameriških medijev

Mmm Guerila. :*
Žiga Sancin

RTV Slovenija

I Went Too Far, Aurora

Skift: Speedy Wi-Fi Is Finally Coming to European Short-Haul Flights

The partnership is one of at least three ventures aiming to help European airlines catch up with their U.S. counterparts. While travelers can surf the internet on about 75 percent of flights in the U.S., according to airline rating site Routehappy, only a handful of airlines in Europe offer the service.
Michael Scaturro (Bloomberg)


Daily Mail: Airline to use smart chips attached to your luggage

Delta Airlines, based Atlanta, said it will use Radio Frequency Identification chips placed on travellers' bags to track their location. Baggage handlers will be able to identify each bag from a distance from a chip placed inside a paper tag on baggage.
Harvey Day (Daily Mail)

Daily Mail

Fuck With Myself, Banks

The Independent: 48 hours in Ljubljana: hotels, restaurants and places to visit

The Independent does Ljubljana.
Žiga Sancin

The Independent

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